The Tech Watch Project is a division of the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT), a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. This project’s long-term goal is to be able to gather, analyze, and publish research data which will promote a safe and fair internet for adults and children alike. The team is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Tech Watch Project is publicly funded and for research purposes only. Our variety of donors all agree that protecting children from inappropriate content on the internet, as well as reducing the presence of bias on the internet as a product of corporate agendas when searching the web as an adult, is of the utmost importance.

No. We are a non-partisan research group with the sole focus of making sure we have a fair and safe internet for all.

We are researching how information is shared by Big Tech companies. Our mission is to ensure that adults have access to information they are looking for when searching the web that is fairly distributed without bias or an agenda. The Tech Watch Project is also committed to protecting youth from harmful content that is all too often provided to them. To make this happen, we are gathering significant amounts of data, using filters to analyze, then identifying any trends in the data itself. If we find trends that raise ethical red flags, we will then bring that data to the public. We are currently expanding towards a fully functioning, nationwide monitoring system as we have found that to be the only effective safeguard in protecting democracy and our youth. The Tech Watch Project is the first entity of its kind to be analyzing the content shared with adults and children with the intent to rectify the nefarious behaviors if/when found in our research.

Absolutely. Tech Watch is founded on the principles of privacy and security, therefore, we take your privacy and security extremely seriously and have an in-depth privacy policy for your reference upon request. All information obtained is strictly confidential and for the sole purpose of scientific research. Your information is never shared with nor sold to any individuals, organizations, or companies. Unlike Google, Facebook and other companies that collect and analyze data from individuals, we never look at data from individuals. When data are streamed to us from the computers of our participants, they are transmitted without identifying information.  Unlike Google, we ONLY analyze aggregated data, never individual data.

No, unfortunately.  If we did, Google and other Big Tech companies that we monitor might quickly send us thousands of volunteers, and the data we collected would be invalid. The data would be fake-meaning it would be exactly what they wanted us to see.