It All Began...

Our journey began in 2013 when Dr. Robert Epstein discovered ‘The search engine manipulation effect.’ He demonstrated that biased rankings in search engines have the potential to shift the voting preferences of undecided voters at significant rates. This study laid the groundwork for our team.

Motivated by these findings and others like them, a group of individuals came together to learn more. Although the initial study sparked our interest, our focus goes beyond the potential bias in search engines. We’re working to develop systems that promote transparency on the internet by studying mainstream sources of information – from social media to news outlets.

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Our Mission

The Tech Watch Project is committed to protecting democracy and ensuring the safety of our children.

We believe that these issues need to be stated clearly to create awareness and take action.

Our main goal is to address and solve the threats posed by Big Tech companies, which include:

Manipulation of Our Elections
Indoctrination of Our Children
Round-The-Clock Surveillance

The Mission

Our team is dedicated to providing reliable insights and innovative solutions for a safe and ethical digital world. Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge, unbiased research that fosters transparency within technology companies, safeguards democratic processes, and cultivates a secure digital environment for children.

The Vision

The Tech Watch Project is putting an end to mass manipulation and the indoctrination of our children by holding Big Tech companies accountable by monitoring internet content with the first-ever, nationwide "Digital Shield."

Our Team

Tech Watch is composed of a diverse and talented group of researchers, enrollment specialists, data scientists, and engineers who share a common passion for ethical technology and protecting children from harmful content. Our approach addresses complex issues from multiple angles, ensuring comprehensive data analysis that address the needs of the general public.

The Projects

We are a non-partisan research team whose intention is to identify trends within the information that is selectively presented to the general public through mainstream digital platforms.  Through our commitment to the scientific process, we conduct and promote research that informs the development of responsible technological systems, ultimately contributing to a more just and inclusive digital landscape.

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