Equip Our Public Prosecutors to Stop
Voter Manipulation

Make 2024 a Fair Election


Protect American Democracy: Support Our Fight Against Big Tech Interference

Your donation will go directly towards this special effort this Spring, and will help protect American voters in 2024.

This Federal Election Commission filing is the first of its kind.

We will be naming Google in the filing and presenting the data collected over the past 11 years.

Why this mission

In the heart of every democracy lies the sacred right to free and fair elections. Yet, this fundamental principle is under threat like never before. Big Tech giants, led by Google, have wielded their immense power to manipulate and undermine the very cornerstone of our democracy.
We refuse to stand idly by as our voices are drowned out by algorithms and our choices are manipulated by faceless corporations. That’s why we’re launching a groundbreaking initiative to fight back against Big Tech interference and protect American voters in the critical year of 2024.

The filing with the FEC will