Pioneering Online Safety to Protect Your Freedom

Dedicated to making our digital world more safe and fair by providing a 24/7 monitoring  system, revealing abusive digital intrusions.

"Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants."

– Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

America's Digital Shield

For the past six years, we have been developing an entirely new system for building transparency on the internet.  It is a 24/7 nationwide internet content monitoring system that will change everything.  Imagine a world free from biased algorithms, where information is shared with the people without an agenda, and there is real-time accountability when companies stray from integrity.

Through the Digital Shield you will gain real-time access to the extensive analysis of millions of data points, empowering we the people to hold Big Tech accountable for bias and harmful content shown to our children. This critical tool represents a crucial mission for a fair, ethical, and transparent digital landscape.

Our Task and Purpose

At the Tech Watch Project, we are dedicated to holding Big Tech companies accountable to the public in order to change their behavior by showing what  Big Tech is doing to us. Our research and proprietary systems make that possible.

Preserving Ephemeral (Disappearing) Content

We diligently collect and archive vast amounts of ephemeral content from across the nation before it disappears like a puff of smoke, lost forever. By doing so, we ensure that crucial information is not lost and create a comprehensive record for thorough analysis and investigation.

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Real-Time Analysis

Leveraging our advanced technologies, we have the capability to analyze the preserved content in real time. This empowers us to swiftly identify and expose instances of bias, manipulation, and censorship as they unfold, bringing transparency to the forefront.

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Big Tech companies currently pose significant threats to our democracy, and our freedom. We, our children, and our minds are under attack. We strive to shed light on these assaults.

The Problems We Address:

Big Tech companies employ elusive methods that are hard to detect, allowing them to manipulate our thinking and behavior, including the votes of millions of undecided voters.

Through clandestine tactics, Big Tech companies can shape the beliefs and opinions of our children, exerting control without our awareness.

The widespread surveillance conducted by Big Tech companies raises privacy concerns and the potential misuse of personal information.

Big Tech companies exercise extensive control over the information we consume, limiting our access to diverse perspectives and knowledge.


Our Vision for the World...

Tech Watch Project
Tech Watch Project

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